Can I Be Medically Dependent Before I Join a Faith-Based Treatment Program?

Many people may have questions about faith-based recovery programs. There is a wide variety of programs available today, so it is hard to know which program would be best for you. Here are some important questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you choose a faith-based recovery program.

Is a faith based recovery program better? A traditional treatment program may not contain spirituality in its recovery program. Combining traditional rehab treatment with a spiritual approach could lead to peace and tranquility for both body, soul, and mind.

What is the medical component of this healing approach? In addition to the spiritual component of this healing approach, there is also a medical component to this treatment option. The medical aspect usually focuses on three goals.

These three goals are to remove the chemical and bodily dependency, create a drug-free environment, and foster inner growth. What about spiritual healing? Spiritual healing does not involve religious activities or beliefs. Rather, spiritual principles form the basis for recovery from alcoholism. This healing approach does not have a “one size fits all” mentality.

How is faith-based recovery different from traditional treatment programs? Traditional treatment programs focus on the physical, mental health, and emotional aspects of a person. Faith-based treatment programs work with all three aspects of the human experience.

People learn how to work with these three aspects to gain balance in their lives. They learn to develop positive spiritually and then work on maintaining those spiritual behaviors while experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life.

Can I attend a faith-based addiction resource or treatment program? Yes, you can attend either a residential or outpatient facility. However, you may find that there are limited support groups or that the support groups are not what they once were. Because faith-based recovery has so much to offer, substance users have turned to it as a means of dealing with addiction.

Who can be an Alcoholic Christian? All people of any faith background can join any Alcoholic Christian drug rehab program. Being able to relate to other addicts and be able to provide a sense of spiritual guidance is essential to being successful in any 12-step program.

Many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings include spiritual talks as well as weekly activities geared toward keeping the spiritual side of the drug rehab recovery process alive. Being open to learning about various spiritual and religious practices will increase the chances that an alcoholic Christian patient will be able to successfully overcome their problem behaviors.

What if I am a Southern Baptist Christian who wants to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and go to drug rehab to recover from my addiction? You have several options. First, you can look into spiritual fellowship groups that meet regularly in your area. Many times these fellowship groups have Christian treatment programs as well as secular treatment programs.