Saturday 24 February 2024
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Ensure A Smooth Transition of Specialized Heavy Vehicles Through Professional Shipping

Ensure A Smooth Transition of Specialized Heavy Vehicles Through Professional Shipping

Transporting a heavy-duty vehicle or heavy haul equipment in the US is a big investment. If you are an owner of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), there could be times when you need to move it from one place to another.

Hiring a professional shipping service for transporting your ATV alleviates the risk of damaging your special vehicle. You also want to ensure that it is protected at all times.

Hiring a professional transport service

Ship A Car is one of the premier shipping companies that has always known for being fast, reliable, professional carriers in transporting specialized vehicles to and from any part of the US. They ensure that your heavy vehicle is protected with the help of safety devices as well as covered with proper insurance during the transportation process.

They have experience of over 30 years of transporting heavy haul equipment, ATVs, and additional specialized equipment. At Ship A Car, Inc, you will get a team of transport professionals who have the expertise needed with transporting any ATV, boat, motorcycle, golf cart, trailers, cargo vans, and over-weight or over-dimensional equipment. Among the heavy equipment, they transport pipes, logs, pilings, farming equipment, and much more.

The transport coordinators of this company are there to help you by taking the best route, equipment needed to transport your ATV, and of course ensuring safe delivery of the carrier. Whether you need an RGM trailer, a flatbed trailer, step deck trailer to tow your trailer, they have got you covered. Their shipment is insured and provides door-to-door shipment throughout the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Open Tailer option for shipping ATV

This is the easiest option and is perfect for shipping your trailer to short distances.

  • An open trailer will have your special vehicle driven into a flatbed or a long box trailer
  • They are attached with chains and straps
  • The trailers are quite strong enough to bear the weight of heavy hauled vehicles or equipment
  • Remember to consider additional items like fuel, equipment, and the number of persons while towing the weight.
  • You can use a canvas or an ATV cover to protect your vehicle from dust and debris during transit.

Enclosed trailer for ATV shipping

Going for an enclosed trailer is a sensible option if you need long-distance shipping for your special vehicle. Though it might cost a bit more, an enclosed trailer means your ATV is completely safe and protected from dust, debris, weather conditions, casual scratches, or any kind of travel-related damage.


Before your ATV is loaded:

  • Remove any personal items or accessories
  • Arrange all necessary documents
  • Check for any leaks or mechanical problems in your ATV
  • Inspect for any scratches or dents
  • Check the lights are working
  • Take snaps of the ATV from all angles and match them when it is delivered to the location

Ensure all the specific details before you ship your ATV or any heavy equipment. When you choose a reliable company like Ship A Car, you not only get your vehicle delivered but also have peace of mind.