Guard Dogs – Can You Train Any Breed?

The idea of having a dog in your home adds a layer of protection. But not all dogs are good at acting as guard dogs, some just don’t have the personality to protect your family and property. Certain types of dogs aren’t designed to stand watch over your home, some don’t have the physical prowess, while others just don’t have the temperament. But can you train any dog to act as a security guard?

Choose Wisely

If you don’t already have a dog and you are looking for one that doubles as a pet and security guard, be careful with the breed you select. Some dogs respond far better to training than others and their sheer appearance is enough to scare off any would-be thief. Experts in guard dog training in Sydney will tell you that certain breeds are perfectly designed to act as guard dogs. Here are four of the most popular breeds of guard dogs:

  1. German Shepard – This type of dog is great for the family as they are good with children and loves the attention they bring. In addition to being great with kids, they are also easy to train and make perfect security or guard dogs.
  2. Rottweiler – This breed is a classic guard dog; they have a natural suspicion of strangers coupled with a fearsome look that would frighten any criminal.
  3. Doberman – The Doberman is a great choice for a guard dog as they are intelligent, athletic and they respond well to training. They also have a strong reputation and an intimidating look.
  4. Bullmastiff – This breed of dog is a cross between a bulldog and a mastiff. Most people would describe this animal as strong, fearless and confident. All of these features are what is needed for a good guard dog.

Professional Training

Just because your dog doesn’t fit into the “10 best guard dogs to train” category, doesn’t mean you can’t teach them to be good guard dogs. All dogs are unique, and many types of dogs make amazing protection dogs. The only way to find out is to have them taught by an experienced trainer.

If you’d like a dog that can interact with the kids and protect your home, it is important to choose a breed that suits your needs. If you already have a hound you’d like to train, you can try some techniques yourself or bring them to a professional trainer for assistance.