How the Pandemic Has Impacted Our Social Lives

We are all more than a little fed up with Covid, a pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the world, killing more than 1 million and causing millions more to be sick. Then there is the economical impact that Covid had around the world, which resulted in many small businesses folding and with lockdowns and business closures, society changed for the worst. Here are a few of the ways that Covid has impacted our social lives.

  • Evening Socialising – For those who enjoyed a busy social calendar, many events are cancelled or postponed and beer drinkers have really suffered, with their favourite bar closed more often than not. Of course, we must avoid meeting unless absolutely essential and evening socialising was the first sector affected when governments began to introduce restrictions. It’s hard to resist New Zealand beer, especially when produced by a local microbrewery and you can order online and the beer will be delivered to your home address.
  • Sports – Many sporting events have either been called off, or games are played behind closed doors. Rugby and soccer were heavily impacted, while tennis, golf and boxing tournaments also fell by the wayside. If your sport has been affected by the pandemic, let’s hope that next year, we can all return to normal.
  • Weddings, Funerals and Other Social Events – It is likely that you have missed at least one wedding and a funeral during the pandemic. For most governments, socialising is not regarded as essential and to be on the safe side, such events are postponed or happen with no guests.
  • Going Out with Friends – If you like meeting up with like-minded people for some hiking or exploring, this is not always possible and always check online to see if there are any travel restrictions before making any travel plans.
  • Hobby Groups – Many handicraft and other art groups had to temporarily close during lockdowns and they reopen when they can. One positive aspect is the way we use digital technology for real time video calls, and many hobby groups turned to a VoIP application such as Zoom, which enables the members to interact.
  • Family Visits – You may normally visit other family members who have their own families, but, of course, these visits are off-limits at certain times. It is always best to check the latest government guidelines about Covid before you travel. This means that birthdays and anniversaries have to be enjoyed by friends and family using real-time video calls and that includes Christmas and, of course, New Year.

We are all being negatively impacted by the pandemic and as we move into the third quarter of 2021, let’s hope we see the last of Covid-19.