Friday 23 February 2024
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How To Optimize Your eStore for Maximum Conversions.

How To Optimize Your eStore for Maximum Conversions.

To maximize your conversions requires that you do a few things. You’ll never get conversions if no one can find your site. That’s number one.

You have to let the public know you’re open for business. And one of the only ways to do that is to get the search engines interested in the content on your site.

The two most important things to get conversions are content and authority links. Content is important because search engines just love it.

The more fresh content you’re putting out the more the search engines will be eating it up and in so doing this increases your rank in the search engines.

When you couple that with authority links this makes your site even more appealing to the search engines. In this article, we’ll go over a few important steps to take to maximize your conversion rates.

The Importance Of Content.

Content by far is the most important method to help direct traffic to your site. And not just any kind of content, you actually have to have fresh content daily to get the best results. Searching engines just love it.

The more fresh content you have the more traffic you’ll generate or direct to your site. Why?

Because of the more fresh content, you add to your site the more favor and love you get from the search engines, which in turn results in the search engines ranking your site higher.

It’s sort of like their way of saying thank you for providing them with fresh relevant content. eCommerce optimization, with fresh content, is essential to ensure your success.

The Importance Of Backlinks.

Backlinks are probably the second most important way to get traffic to your site. And remember traffic is relevant to conversions because you can never have conversions if you don’t get traffic to your site.

But you can’t just add any backlinks to your site and expect to get love and favor from the search engines or increased search engine ranking. Gone are the days of adding lots of crappy low authority links to your site.

This is a black hat method that many marketers used years ago. But unfortunately is a method that no longer works and it can now actually get your site penalized and even banned by the search engines.

The search engine algorithms will immediately recognize them as spam links thereby penalizing your site. This can result in your sight falling low in the search engine rankings. The most effective backlinking method to date is linking your site to authority sites.

In other words, sites that have been ranked high for quite some time that is loaded with quality content and are viewed as authority sites by the search engines.

When you link to these sites and even more important when these sites linked to your site their authority and juice are passed on to your site which in turn results in your site ranking higher in the search engines. eCommerce optimization, with backlinks, is essential to ensure your success.

Checking The Cart.

People abandoned shopping carts for many reasons. One of the primary reasons being they run out of time. Or because they don’t want to go through the steps of creating an account. Most people are impulse shoppers which means they shop on a whim.

They’ll see items or an item that they like and that’s affordable and they will buy it. You have to construct your site in such a way that it’s easier to use and buyer friendly. For example, give them an option to purchase without setting up an account.

High shipping cost is another issue that can result in shopping cart abandonment. I’ve found the best way to get around this is to offer free shipping as often as you can. Or at the very least a very affordable shipping rate say $2 or something along those lines. When customers see free shipping that’s a buying trigger.

Also, keep a record of prospective customers who abandoned the cart. This way you can send out emails to them notifying them of a sale on the particular item that they were interested in. This will encourage them to buy even more.