KEAM Previous Year Question Paper And Sample Papers: Where To Download

Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical or KEAM is a form of entrance exam related series that is required for admissions in professional institutions for degrees. Many students appear each year for this entrance examination. In case you are wondering where you can find the best sample questions and solved papers, then this article is for you. 

Previous year question papers

The KEAM examination is undertaken within a syllabus of class 12th which consists of physics chemistry and mathematics. Appear in your next examination. There are mainly two papers which are examined for the engineering aspirant students. The first paper will consist of chemistry and physics while the second paper will be based entirely on mathematics. The examination is undertaken in OMR answer sheets which are required for answering the relevant questions. A total of 150 minutes is allocated to each student for answering each paper.

The total marks are located towards this is a maximum of 480 marks. For every correct answer, 4 marks are allocated for the students. There is also the negative marking scheme in which one mark is deducted from the overall score in case of any incorrect answer. However, for any unattempted questions, the marks will not be deducted. However, this examination is not an easy task and you need to prepare yourself for the best outcome. For this purpose, the previous year question papers help you a lot in streamlining your efforts towards achieving greater results in the examination. You can download the previous year question papers from the official site and utilize the same for streamlining your preparation for the examination.

How can you download question papers

The official site can be used to download the previous year question papers. Follow the steps provided below to get access to all the previous year question papers from 2014 to current year:

  1. First access the official site of the commissioner for entrance examinations
  2. Browse to the KEAM previous year question paper section
  3. from there you can see a list of yours and papers along with answers and questions
  4. Click on the desired year and excess the question paper and answers for the same
  5. You can also download the answer sheets for all the relevant question papers that you downloaded for the previous year examinations.

Following the above-mentioned steps you can download the KEAM question paper and their solved answers. This can help you in preparation for your examination and streamlining your efforts towards achieving a better result.

Why do you need the previous year question papers

Previous year question papers are very necessary for you as a student. This provides you with the pattern of questions that will be appearing in the next year. Moreover, you can also get access to some of the relevant questions which are being repeated for a certain number of years. This will help you and prioritize the need for studies and you can develop your skills for achieving better results.

Moreover, you can also take self-assessment from the KEAM Sample papers to see whether you are ready for the examination. You can also check the same with the accurate answers which are provided in the official site of the commissioner for entrance examinations. Based on all the self-assessment you can understand the need for improvements and do the needful. It is advisable that you utilize all the previous year question papers and take a self-assessment for the test. This will help you prepare for the examination better and also your syllabus will be revised in the process. 


Now when you have access to all the websites, you can definitely achieve better results in your KEAM examination. After you finish your syllabus for KEAM exams, start solving the sample papers suggested by these sites. This material will prove to be very helpful for your KEAM preparations.