Outdoor and Indoor Stairlifts

As you begin to age, your mobility greatly decreases. Aging causes your bones to become soft and frail. A small spill can cause significant harm. When you are thinking of ways to access the second and third levels of your home, you may be questioning whether to get a stairlift or a home elevator.

There are benefits to both. However, a stairlift is much cheaper to purchase and install than a home elevator.

A Cost-Effective Solution

A stairlift is the most cost-effective solution for assisting you to get up and down the stairs safely. Stairlifts can be installed on any set of staircases. If your staircase is curved, is straight, or includes a landing, there is a stairlift that will fit.

If you have stairs outside the home, there are stairlifts designed to withstand weather elements so they will not rust. If you need a mobility stair lift in Kettering, there are many options available.


If you have a small staircase or a custom-built staircase, your home may require a stairlift that is customised. A technician will come to your home and take measurements. They will work with designers to create a perfectly engineered stairlift to fit the needs of your staircase.

It is important to understand that you will need to make accommodations during this process. Customised staircases take time to design and produce. During this time, it is suggested you have someone such as a friend or a family member to assist you up and down the stairs. This will help to keep you safe while you wait for the professionals to install your new stairlift.