Friday 23 February 2024
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The importance of conducting police checks when hiring new persons.

The importance of conducting police checks when hiring new persons.

When you apply for a new role in any company, you are most likely be going to ask for a police check. It is a quite common practice in Australia, and you will be required to furnish a document which states that you are criminally neat and clean and there is no past record which can be associated with you. In past, it was a cumbersome process to obtain the national police clearing certificate and people used to give hefty amounts in this regard. However, now the process has been simplified and there are a lot of licensed and properly monitored websites on the web from where you can apply for the clearance certificate and can obtain the same at reduced rates. The simplicity of the process has enabled the employers to conduct the clearance for their past employees as well and therefore the rate of checking criminal activities has increased. This results in many benefits for both the organization and society at large. In this article, we will talk about the importance of conducting police checks when new persons are being hired.

Why is it important to understand?

If you are hiring new people for your organization, you must know the importance of conducting police check and asking the prospective employees to get clearance certificate from concerned departments. If you do not conduct this check, you might hire a wrong person and possibly with a criminal background. A clearance obtained after submitting police check application, you will come to know about certain things which would otherwise stay hidden from you while recruiting new persons in your organization.

What is a national police check?

Police check refers to a process where you check the past record of a person using the record available in the police department. If you are concerned about the new hiring, you can easily check the past record of people from these departments and can verify the criminal background in less than two days. The process of getting clearance certificate is simple and you can easily check that with the help of online platforms. The name and date of birth of a specific person is checked and cross verified against the record and if they find any criminal record, they write it on the certificate which helps you in finding the right person. Process is quite simple and to the point and this process can be used to check the criminal history of any person.

Why must an organization arrange to check criminal background?

An organization must go for criminal background check before hiring the new people and following are the most important reason in this regard.

  • To protect the assets and information of the company.
  • To create a stable environment in the entity.
  • To protect the overall culture of the organization.
  • To attract and retain the workers in good spirit.
  • To protect the reputation of the company.
  • To protect other employees and past staff