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What are the Options if You Need to Move in a Rush?

What are the Options if You Need to Move in a Rush?

What should you do if you have to move out of your old house and that too quickly? It is such a situation that it might hamper your chances of finding any of the moving companies in Toronto that will be kind enough to fit in your request in their busy schedule. You can consider many options, and we will discuss those, but we will soon find out the best option available to us.

Professional Moving Company

If you live in a big city like Toronto or the Toronto GTA, you are likely to call up the moving companies in Toronto GTA and ask them if they can facilitate moving at such short notice. However, not all movers can accommodate such rush requests. Some companies can engage trucks and personnel in short notice and do your job, but, understandably, you will have to pay a high charge to them. If your landlord has suddenly decided that he wants to sell off the flat or home that he has rented out, then you may not have adequate time to go for regular prices. The movers will surely ask for premium category pricing, which might prove a bit too costly.

A Few Guys with a Pickup Van

It is not the option we would recommend anybody, but if you are on a tight budget, you ask some of your friends to arrange for a pickup van yourself. It will be cheap, no doubt, but there is a saying that asking non-professionals to do a house moving job is like rolling a dice. The first hurdle is to book a moving van and then hope that it is available on the said date and time. You will also need to hope that all those friends who have promised to come never call you at the last moments and tell you that they cannot come since something more important has come up. It will be real trouble for you. The second problem is that since none of your friends and relatives would be adequately trained to do a moving job, there is a high chance that some of the stuff might get damaged. So it is always a good idea to stick to professionals for any moving job.

Unfortunately, these are only two options you can have on your platter if you are faced with the dire situation of moving at short notice. It is not an ideal situation and can be very stressful, but you can have a bit of peace of mind if you hire the professionals’ services. Just go through the various moving companies in Toronto reviews and call up the reputed and dependable movers one by one.


Several movers cater to the greater Toronto area, such as Let’s Get Moving. They are highly trained and will be too happy to take up your job at short notice. They are experts in emergency moves, and their prices are reasonable, leaving you in a comfortable position! So it comes to the forefront that it is always prudent to go with professional movers for the best experience.